The Cone Vibrator - A Vibrator That Is Shaped Like A Cone

New from the UK is the cone vibrator. The cone vibrator is definitely what is hot this year. All of the women's magazines are raving about it. Unlike other vibrators, the cone leaves convention behind. Instead of being hand held, a person rests upon the cone. It's soft pink surface is very comfortable. By allowing a person to rest on the cone it becomes hands free. This makes it great for couples. The cone uses advanced electronics to control its vibrations. It even includes a button that jumps right to the orgasm mode.

The We-Vibe - The Newest Vibrator for Couples

The We-Vibe is the best and newest vibrator, made especially to be worn during sex. The We-Vibe is a small silicone vibrator with two vibration points—one that stimulates your clitoris, and one that presses against your G-spot. The We-Vibe is shaped like a C, but is totally flexible, which allows it to bend to perfectly to hit the right spots. The We-Vibe is the perfect vibrator for sex or solo play. It was engineered to hug your curves, and presses securely against your G-spot when his penis is inside you.

The iBuzz - A Vibrator The Plugs Into Your iPod

iBuzz - The music-activated orgasm machine. What a great idea. You can rock out your favorite jams and get off at the same time. The iBuzz pulses vibrations to the beat of whatever is playing. Also, the vibration gets stronger the louder you play it. So, Speed Metal fans be warned. You might need to stock up on gatorade. You can even share this intense experience with your lover. The iBuzz comes with attachments for him and her. So turn the music up real loud, tick off your neighbors, and come together like you've never came before.

The Taffy Tickler - Water Buddy Vibrator

The Taffy Tickler Water Buddy is a 7" long water-proof vibe that has all the right stuff. The texture alone is worth some jaw-dropping. It has cool white and blue super soft silicon dollops and an enlarged rounded tip to focus the vibrations on the erogenous zones. The Water Buddy also offers multi-speed vibrations to fit any mood or situation. Give yourself a little tickle.

The Silicone Dolphin - A Toy For Couples That May Have Latex Allergies

Slip the silicone Lovers' Arouser Dolphin over your erect penis and turn on the waterproof, wireless vibrations for a night to remember! This isn't your ordinary cock ring. The Lovers' Arouser offers enhancement for him, and a diving dolphin clitoral stimulator for her! It comes with a mega-power, mini stimulator bullet, that can be used alone or placed inside the dolphin. Made of hygienically superior silicone material.

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