Vortex Vibrations - A Sex Toy That Hooks To Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vortex Vibrations utilizes the power of a household vacuum. Yes, that's right, the friggin' vacuum. Just place the device over the clitoris against the labia. Suction will immediately increase blood flow to the clitoris, causing it to enlarge and become sensitive. Move the slider down and clitoris itself starts to vibrate, fluttering like a reed in a saxophone. By adjusting the slider upward or downward, YOU control the rate of vibration. The Vortex comes with two heads: - The Introducer which will offer MORE suction and LESS vibrating, causing a longer orgasm due to the reduced airflow. - The Seducer which will offer LESS suction and MORE vibration, causing a more intense orgasm due to increased airflow.

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