The We-Vibe - The Newest Vibrator for Couples

The We-Vibe is the best and newest vibrator, made especially to be worn during sex. The We-Vibe is a small silicone vibrator with two vibration points—one that stimulates your clitoris, and one that presses against your G-spot. The We-Vibe is shaped like a C, but is totally flexible, which allows it to bend to perfectly to hit the right spots. The We-Vibe is the perfect vibrator for sex or solo play. It was engineered to hug your curves, and presses securely against your G-spot when his penis is inside you.

The Feeldoe Brings Women Closer Together

The Feeldoe is the world's only strapless strap-on. It combines the excitement of strap-on sex and the pleasures of mutual penetration without the hassles of a harness. Unlike other double dildos, the Feeldoe is contoured to fit the body. The bulb end of the dildo is held inside the vagina by contracting the vaginal muscles. The ridged portion stimulates your clitoris, and the superior design allows you to satisfy your partner at just the right angle. NO HARNESS NECESSARY! Experience full skin-on-skin contact for a more intimate connection with your partner.

The G.S.I. Kit - G-Spot Investigators Combo

Are you trying to find the g-spot? If so, this combination of items will do the trick. It includes a uniquely shaped g-spot vibrator, some ecstacy pearls, lubricant, and an inflatable love pillow to get you in the correct position. All of these items were chosen to help a woman find her g-spot because once you understand exactly where it is you will open up a new world of pleasure. 1. The Slimline G-Spot Vibrator is shaped to touch the g-spot. Also, the vibrating mechanism is located right in the bulbous tip to provide extra stimulation in that area.

Liquid Virgin Drops - Feels Like The First Time

This product is called a Vaginal Contracting Lubricant. It is Similar to the age-old China Shrink cream. These drops work to temporarily tighten the walls of the vagina. I have never tried it but our sales rep. says it works. I didn't ask how she knew. The directions say to apply a few drops to the desired area 15 minutes prior to any activity for desired results and moisturization.

The Micro Butterfly

The Micro Butterfly was designed for you to wear during sex. This clitoral stimulator comes with straps that are worn around your waist and thighs, so it sits directly over your clitoris, leaving your hands free and your labia and vagina exposed. The Micro Butterfly is a smaller version of the Venus Butterfly. This particular item is much smaller than the original Venus Butterfly. Some couples prefer the smaller size of the Micro Butterfly. The Micro Butterfly is small enough to wear and enjoy during sex, while allowing you and your partner to stay close.

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