The Tantric Tongue 2 - Sex Toy

The Tantric Tongue 2 wiggles and teases like a real lover. This item is made out of super soft jelly and can operate on several levels of vibration. Explore the spirit of the "tantra" and reach new orgasmic heights with this titillating tongue tickler. The super soft jelly tongue wiggles and teases at three thrilling speeds, delivering unbelievable licks with each pulsation. Go from a flutter to a throb with the push of a button and enjoy the oral delights. It's erotic enlightenment wherever you use it.

The Vibrating Turbo Tongue - Yowza!

Some women say they like a man's butt. Firm buns are certainly great for thrusting. Some women like a man's broad shoulders. Who doesn't want to be held in strong arms. Some women like the sensual curves of another part. Sure, we may all have our favorites and while only a small number like the tongue best, most of us would put it somewhere in the top 10. This tongue vibrates and has a small suction pump. We have another one called "The Tongue" that licks. Yow! As with many products here at, you can click on the small image to see a larger version of the package.

SuperHotSex! - A Book That Tells All

Superhotsex book is the follow-up to Supersex, one of the most informative and complete sex guide books out today. This book just ups the raunch factor with more advanced techniques, more risque topics, and even saucier pictures while delivering innovative but practical ways to reinvent your sex life. Loaded with lashings of wicked real-life fantasies and tricks for your finger, tongue, and other parts. This book is a crash course in how to take your sex life fron dull to daring.

Box Lunch - Cunnilingus Tips For Him

The Box Lunch book is a layperson's guide to cunnilingus. This book is perfect for you if you want to feel confident every time you stick your head in between a woman's legs. In this book you will find a guided tour of the female anatomy, how to make oral sex the main event, blow-by-blow instructions, optimal positions for "dining at the Y," ways to avoid neck, tongue, and other injuries, instructional illustrations and diagrams, advanced techniques, safe-sex advice and fun facts. Let Box Lunch teach you the tricks of the trade!

Learn To Blow Him Away With This Book

The Blow Him Away book is a very detailed and thorough lesson on giving him the kind of head that will blow his mind. This book doesn't only describe different techniques and methods, but also goes into detail about actual anatomy and maintaining your mindset. Knowing what is actually where will give you an advantage most girls don't have.

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