Try Something Naughty and New - With This Anal Bead Sampler

The Anal Bead Sampler has three different varieties of beads and types of products. So you can either be nice and share with your friends, or you can be greedy and keep them all to yourself. This package is a good way to try out other types of anal beads. Each wand has a different texture and size, so you can see what's the most comfortable for you. This is also an easy opportunity to see what other kinds of products are out there.

The Taffy Tickler - Water Buddy Vibrator

The Taffy Tickler Water Buddy is a 7" long water-proof vibe that has all the right stuff. The texture alone is worth some jaw-dropping. It has cool white and blue super soft silicon dollops and an enlarged rounded tip to focus the vibrations on the erogenous zones. The Water Buddy also offers multi-speed vibrations to fit any mood or situation. Give yourself a little tickle.

The Taffy Tickler - G Spot Vibrator

The Taffy Tickler G-Spot is a 7" vibrator with an attitude. The texture makes it seem like there are a hundred little soft silicon tendrils reaching out at you and the pink and black dollops give it a unique style. The G-spot's design focuses on tickling erogenous zones and the tip is curved for ultimate G-spot stimulation. Not to mention multi-speed vibrations that allow you to control your pleasure. Give yourself a little tickle.

The Frisky Finger Turns Your Finger Into A Vibrator

It's time to be hands-on! The Frisky Finger is a slim vibrator that fits on the tip of your finger. It has raised soft nubbies for increased orgasmic sensations and a very powerful bullet vibrator for his or her pleasure. The Frisky Finger vibrating bullet is tucked neatly into a pink silicon finger sleeve for a soft sensual texture. One size fits all and the batteries are even included.

A Medium Sized Pink Double Dildo

Jel-lee Pleasure Dong Double Dildo The Jel-lee Pleasure Double Dildo is a double dildo. If you are unfamiliar, that is a dildo that has a head on each end. Our impression is that they are meant to be used with a partner, although it is possible to put each end into a different spot on one person. We don't ask many questions. Our job is to ship the items and to not ask. The Pleasure Dong is: * 12" in length * 1 3/8" in Diameter * Made of pink Jelly material for slippery smooth sensations * Veined for texture * A solid design for maximum usefulness

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