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If You Are Flexible, You Can Share New Sexual Positions

The Best Sexual Positions DVD is an instructional couple's erotica video showing you and your lover what positions are just right for you in any situation. You'll also discover what sexual position you need to overcome any sexual problem. It is shot in wide screen format with multiple angles, and features over a dozen attractive couples.

Soulmates 1 - Real Secrets of Black Lovers

Soulmates is the first volume in a two-part series that reveals the secrets of black lovers. This sexy, instructional video features African American couples exploring seduction, erotic massage, foreplay, sexual positions, oral sex, sex outside the bedroom and afterplay. Real men and women talk candidly about their sex lives to reveal what turns them on and gets them off. Soulmates 1 is bursting with hot scenes and practical advice. This video is part of the Loving Sex series, from Alexander Institute. It is approximately 100 minutes long and features tips from Dr.

The Modern Kama Sutra Video Series Vol. 3 - Sexual Positions

The Modern Kama Sutra DVD Series is an erotic workshop for lovers. In Volume 3: Sexual Positions for Great Sex, discover the amazing array of sexual unions or sexual positions - using the inspiration of the ancient and our modern Kama Sutra. Try standing, or kneeling, lying or sitting positions to bring out the passion in your sexual encounters. Watch four attractive real life couples as they explicitly experiment with different positions, different locations, and different times of day. Learn how to give and receive during lovemaking. This DVD is hosted by Dr.

The Sexual Satisfaction DVD - Keep Improving Your Sex Life

Attractive real life couples show how they keep improving their sex life in this Sexual Satisfaction DVD. Watch practical techniques for creating the right moment. Learn aout effective verbal and sexual communication, experimenting with masturbation secrets, the importance of variety, new sexual positions and locations, the quickie, and why sexual fantasies and role-playing can do wonders. This DVD is hosted by Dr. Patti brtton and is approximately 100 minutes long.

The Purple Passion Kit - For Passionate Lovers

The Sexual Positions Purple Passion Kit contains O' My Pleasure Gel, a Sinclair 5x Fingervibe with 5 differently textured attachments, Essentials Toy Cleaner, and an Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions DVD. This DVD shows you the most pleasurable and exciting way that you and your lover can learn in the privacy of your own home. Making love is an art much like painting. Some couples only use primary colors, but when you use an entire palette, your sex life becomes a vibrant and thrilling adventure.

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