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A Teddy Bear That Hides Her Vibrator

Let this Teddy Bear Vibe Hider be your best friend, and it will keep all of your most intimate secrets safe. This super soft bear is 22" tall, and totally hug-able. It feels just like a normal teddy bear, but in its back, there is a secret pouch. Perfect for hiding vibrators, sex toys, or even just something special you want to keep safe and hidden. This sneaky bear also comes with a soft and cushy, fabric bag to place your valuable in before putting it into the bear's satiny secret pouch. This keeps your secret safe, and also masks the feel of it. 22" tall.

A Nice Assortment of Sex Toys For Couples - The Jewelry Box

We feel that it is important that we offer people privacy and anonymity. You can be assured that purchasing products such as these through will be a completely private matter. The shopping, purchasing, and shipping processes will all be discreet and your information will remain confidential.

Foreplay Wand Vibrator - Is Like 6 Wands In One!

The Foreplay Wand is an amazing vibrator that is like having 6 entirely different sex toys in one! It has 5 special attachments that are easy to change, each with a pleasing and unique shape, promising different sensations. Such as the G-Tip, Tickler, Ridged, Mini-Cup, and Spoon. Sound good? Put more play into your intimacy. The finish feels warm, soft and inviting. The shape offers easy, care free play, and with just a push of a single button, 8 unique vibration patterns can be selected. This wand is about 9" long and 2" wide. Attachment sizes vary.

The Jelly Pleasure Kit for 2 - Fun Toys For Two People

An Assortment of Sex Toys for Two People - Our Most Elaborate Kit includes: * Two (2) variable speed, remote controls * One jelly coated, egg-shaped vibrator * One vibrating jelly cock ring * One red jelly vibrating unicorn * One jelly vibrating butt plug * One jelly vibrating dong * All designed to work together and packaged as one unit. Requires four AA batteries. Click on either image to see a larger photograph.

A Silky-Smooth Kit of Sex Toys for Couples

The Silky Finishes Couple's Kit is a super smooth, waterproof kit of great sex toys for an adventurous couple. The surfaces of these toys are covered with an ultra smooth and sexy material, making these toys very nice toys to have! It includes a Silky Finish multi-speed, vibrating Egg with a Soft Touch 4-Speed Remote, a set of Silky Finish Duo Balls with cord, 2 ultra soft and super stretchy Silicone Cock Rings with different designs, and a Silky Finish 7" multi-speed Vibrator with a Dial-A-Vibe Control Base.

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