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The Synergy Pleasure System

The Synergy Better Sex Pleasure System was developed by health psychologist and sex therapist Lisa Banner. It was designed for women who have trouble achieving orgasm. This oscillating wand is both rechargeable and cordless. It's ergonomically shaped for pleasure and comfort, and has 5 different attachments, including G-spot, cups & ridges, rabbit flutter, beaded ball, and dual navigator. The Synergy System is ideal for self pleasuring and sensual play for couples. Synergy's unique oscillating action is enabled by a specially designed motor.

You Can Last Longer DVD - Instruction To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

You Can Last Longer - Solutions for Ejaculatory Control. Here is the most enjoyable, comfortable way you and your partner can learn in the privacy of your home. Dr. Derek Polonsky of Harvard Medical School and certified sex therapist Marian E. Dunn lead you through this unique video guide for achieving better ejaculatory control. As you watch couples demonstrate in every detail, you'll learn the step-by-step techniques prescribed by sex therapists in private practice.

The Kama Sutra Book by Sex Therapist Anne Hooper

Noted Sex Therapist Anne Hooper's interpretation of the Kama Sutra is well detailed in this book. Photographs of exceptionally attractive couples highlight the joys of sexual intimacy. This kama sutra contains over 100 color photographs as well as 157 full color pages.

The Flex-O-Pleaser Wand Vibrator

The Flex-O-Wand is sex therapist recommended for G-spot stimulation. This strong vibrator is about eight inches long. The Flex-O-Wand has a large vibrating head (it's three inches long) and is very flexible, making it easy to locate and stimulate your G-spot. This is a unique vibrator: The wand portion of the vibrator is very thin, while the head is about one inch in diameter. The C batteries power very strong vibration to just the head of the vibrator, making locating and thrilling your G-spot easier than ever before.

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