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Learn Oral and Anal Sex Techniques

The Best of Oral and Anal DVD is an instructional couple's erotica video that is a part of the Ultimate Oral and Anal Series by Dr. Perry. This video gives you a taste of all the hottest scenes in The Oral and Anal Sex Series. See why the hallmark of a great lover is how he or she does in the oral sex department. See how hot anal action can turn you on in new and forbidden ways. This DVD also teaches you how to find out what your partner wants you to do orally, see how exotic toys can make going down more fun and erotic than ever, and why anal sex is so taboo and pleasurable!

Learn To Give A World-Class Blowjob

The How to Give a World-Class Blowjob DVD is an instructional video that shows you what every woman wants to know and what every man wishes his partner would do for him. You've heard hints about it on late night TV. You've read about it. There are actually seminars on how to give the absolute best blowjob ever. This is that amazing class in all its explicit, delicious, lip-smacking detail.

Learn The Fine Art of Cunnilingus With This DVD

The Fine Art of Cunnilingus DVD is an instructional DVD giving you the know how to give her mind-blowing orgasms. Going down on a woman the right way is a rare art. Listen to these women tell you what really gets them off. Watch their partners show you techniques sure to please any woman. See which positions are comfortable for you and perfectly pleasurable for your partner including the G-spot stimulation during oral sex.

Learn The Fine Art of Fellatio With This DVD

The Fine Art of Fellatio DVD is an instructional video for people who love sex. Let over a dozen attractive couples demonstrate for you the finest and most varied techniques for giving head. These women are fine experts in the fine art of oral pleasure. See how their pleasure-prolonging skills result in the most explosive orgasms ever! These women's secret is that they love doing it! This DVD also features sexy oral experts trading tips in "Blowjob Class," how women learn to love giving head, and demonstrations of new techniques that are guaranteed to please!

If You Are Flexible, You Can Share New Sexual Positions

The Best Sexual Positions DVD is an instructional couple's erotica video showing you and your lover what positions are just right for you in any situation. You'll also discover what sexual position you need to overcome any sexual problem. It is shot in wide screen format with multiple angles, and features over a dozen attractive couples.

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