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The Sexual Satisfaction DVD - Keep Improving Your Sex Life

Attractive real life couples show how they keep improving their sex life in this Sexual Satisfaction DVD. Watch practical techniques for creating the right moment. Learn aout effective verbal and sexual communication, experimenting with masturbation secrets, the importance of variety, new sexual positions and locations, the quickie, and why sexual fantasies and role-playing can do wonders. This DVD is hosted by Dr. Patti brtton and is approximately 100 minutes long.

The Purple Passion Kit - For Passionate Lovers

The Sexual Positions Purple Passion Kit contains O' My Pleasure Gel, a Sinclair 5x Fingervibe with 5 differently textured attachments, Essentials Toy Cleaner, and an Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions DVD. This DVD shows you the most pleasurable and exciting way that you and your lover can learn in the privacy of your own home. Making love is an art much like painting. Some couples only use primary colors, but when you use an entire palette, your sex life becomes a vibrant and thrilling adventure.

The Gay Man's Kama Sutra

The Gay Man's Kama Sutra book has taken the ancient Indian guide to lovemaking, and transformed its intention and spirit to create the ultimate sex guide for gay men. Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the art of gay lovemaking. It shamelessly encourages love and sex, pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited erotic indulgence and play. This book is accompanied by exquisite artworks. The artist really did a great job creating these instructional sensual images. Also included are classic homo-erotic artwork, and pieces from the original Kama Sutra.

Supersex! - A Book That Tells You Secrets

The Supersex book answers all the embarrassing questions about sex, provides very informative advice about oral sex techniques, kinky sex, flirting, anatomy, anal sex, and anything and everything about sex that you can possibly think of. The seven steps to becoming a SUPERSEXPERT: - Please: The quintessential kiss, lick, stroke, and nibble guide to touching naked flesh. - Tease: Transform yourself into a sexual psychic, get over those first-night nerves, and discover why making out like mad is a very good idea. - The Moanzone: The really naughty bits.

SuperHotSex! - A Book That Tells All

Superhotsex book is the follow-up to Supersex, one of the most informative and complete sex guide books out today. This book just ups the raunch factor with more advanced techniques, more risque topics, and even saucier pictures while delivering innovative but practical ways to reinvent your sex life. Loaded with lashings of wicked real-life fantasies and tricks for your finger, tongue, and other parts. This book is a crash course in how to take your sex life fron dull to daring.

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