Vortex Vibrations

Vortex Vibrations is a sex toy that utilizes the power of your household vacuum cleaner. Vortex Vibrations uses the power of the air flowing over your private parts to cause your clitoris to flutter and vibrate. Vortex Vibrations hooks up to the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. You place the device over the clitoris and against the labia. The rushing air and the suction from your vacuum will immediately increase blood flow to the clitoris, causing it to enlarge and become sensitive. Moving the nozzle's slider downward will increase the wind velocity. High velocity will cause the clitoris itself to vibrate. By adjusting the slider upward or downward, you can control the rate of vibration and suction. The power of the air rushing over your clitoris is something you can't even imagine. If that new sensation wasn't enough, Vortex Vibrations comes with two heads: - The Introducer which will offer MORE suction and LESS vibrating, causing a longer orgasm due to the reduced airflow. - The Seducer which will offer LESS suction and MORE vibration, causing a more intense orgasm due to increased airflow. Both heads of the Vortex Vibrations will produce different sensations. This vacuum attachment is meant to be used as a clitoral stimulator only.