Foreplay Wand Vibrator - Is Like 6 Wands In One!

The Foreplay Wand is an amazing vibrator that is like having 6 entirely different sex toys in one! It has 5 special attachments that are easy to change, each with a pleasing and unique shape, promising different sensations. Such as the G-Tip, Tickler, Ridged, Mini-Cup, and Spoon. Sound good? Put more play into your intimacy. The finish feels warm, soft and inviting. The shape offers easy, care free play, and with just a push of a single button, 8 unique vibration patterns can be selected. This wand is about 9" long and 2" wide. Attachment sizes vary.

Vibro Pod - Digital Music Stimulator - Hooks To Your iPod

Vibro Pod Digital Music Stimulator can be used with your favorite MP3 player to experience powerful, rhythmic sensations. Don't have an MP3 player? Switch to the 8-function mode for 8 patterns of vibration, pulsation and escalation. To use with music, just plug the music jack into the music slot and plug either bullet into the vibration slot. When the music begins, the Vibro Pod will automatically vibrate according to the beat and rhythm of the music.

If They Call It The ClitOriffic Vibrator You Know It Works Well

The ClitOriffic Vibrator was designed specifically for a woman's clitoris. This unique flat head allows maximum amount of pleasurable contact. The satin metallic finish promises a sexy smooth texture and sensual sensations. ClitOriffic is 6.5" long, with a shaft that is 0.75" wide and a head that is 1.2" wide. This vibrator is also waterproofOriffic!

The Infinite Pleasures Kit - Provides Lots Of Pleasure

The Infinite Pleasures Kit contains everything you need for exciting sensual exploration for you and your lover. The Ultra Slim Mini Vibrator fits into all the right places. Slip on any of the unique sleeves for a variety of different options and sensations. Requires 2 AA" batteries (not included). Sleeves include:Clit TicklerSmoothy SleeveDouble DelightTwirler SleeveAnal Teaser Sleeve. This kit also contains one string of climax anal beads, and a silver bullet with multi-speed power pack. Whew! The Infinite Pleasures Kit is a great deal.

The Body to Body Vibrating Ring - Enjoy One Another

Sex therapists are very quick to recommend a vibrating ring for couples. A vibrating penis ring improves the sensations for both parties while allowing you to stay together (physically and emotionally). This particular vibrating cock ring turns on automatically when both people contact it. This can be very handy. It will turn on exactly when you want it on and will turn off afterward when the vibration may be a little bit too much sensation. It prevents the "ooh ooh ooh, get off of me!" moment that can be the side effect of too much post orgasm stimulation.

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