A Large Jelly Vibrator - The Rock Candy Vibe

The Hustler Rock Candy 2-in-1 Jel-lee Vibe Kit will fulfill all your dreams with its 8.5" long and 1.75" thick vibrator. Use the 6" straight vibrator for some smooth sexy fun. Then add the translucent, gem-toned Jel-lee sleeve to add another 2.5", and change the sensation entirely! The smooth texture delivers comfortable and satisfying penetration.

The Body to Body Vibrating Ring - Enjoy One Another

Sex therapists are very quick to recommend a vibrating ring for couples. A vibrating penis ring improves the sensations for both parties while allowing you to stay together (physically and emotionally). This particular vibrating cock ring turns on automatically when both people contact it. This can be very handy. It will turn on exactly when you want it on and will turn off afterward when the vibration may be a little bit too much sensation. It prevents the "ooh ooh ooh, get off of me!" moment that can be the side effect of too much post orgasm stimulation.

The My First Vibrator - Makes A Great Gift For A Timid Lover

The My First Vibrator is a great first vibrator. Many people find buying their first vibrator to be a little intimidating. If you tend to find comfort in numbers, let us tell you that many customers buy the My First Vibrator. Included is a slim, vibrator with a variable speed control knob. Also included is a stretchable senso ring that can be placed around the vibrator for added sensation. This vibrator comes in either a light blue pink or purple color. Uses 2 AA Batteries

Sliquid Organics Warming Lubricant

Sliquid Organics Warming is an organic water-based personal lubricant. Sliquid Organics is botanically infused with natural ingredients, including food grade menthol. Sliquid Warming is designed to heighten sensitivity and provide a deep pleasurable warming sensation during use. Blended with food grade menthol, this organic lubricant goes on cool, and warms pleasurably with friction. Sliquid Organics are glycerin and paraben free, perfectly balanced to help heal and rejuvenate your most intimate areas.

An Assortment of Wet Lubricants

The weekend love kit by wet includes four great personal lubricants. Each of the four brings a unique sensation that we are sure you will enjoy. Wet Light lubricant is a smooth, light water based lubricant that is condom safe, feels great and is easy to rinse off. A 3.5 oz. bottle Wet Warming is similar to wet light lubricant but it also provides a warming sensation that you are sure to find pleasurable. A 3.7 oz. bottle of Wet Warming Lubricant. Wet Platinum is an ultra long lasting silicone lubricant that is safe, does not react to condoms, and feels great.

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