The We-Vibe - The Newest Vibrator for Couples

The We-Vibe is the best and newest vibrator, made especially to be worn during sex. The We-Vibe is a small silicone vibrator with two vibration points—one that stimulates your clitoris, and one that presses against your G-spot. The We-Vibe is shaped like a C, but is totally flexible, which allows it to bend to perfectly to hit the right spots. The We-Vibe is the perfect vibrator for sex or solo play. It was engineered to hug your curves, and presses securely against your G-spot when his penis is inside you.

A Nice Assortment of Sex Toys For Couples - The Jewelry Box

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The Screaming O - Disposable Vibrating Penis Ring

Oh oh oh, you won't believe this! The Screaming O is a disposable, vibrating ring that stimulates both partners simultaneously. It is a comfortable gel ring with pleasure bumps for her and pleasure knobs for him. Designed to result in mutual, incredible orgasms. This sensual, vibrating ring has been designed to provide the user with maximum stimulation. Once correctly positioned, it will give gentle stimulation to the penis, which is transferred to the partner during sex. Try this ring out with your lover and have some screaming Os yourself!

The Darting Duck Toy For Couples - Improves Everything

The Futurotic 4-Way Arouser Darting Duck assists with erection, provides stimulation for you and your partner, enhances, and adds girth! This wireless Arouser features a removable micro-stimulator for vibrating clitoral stimulation, interior pleasure nodes that add support, girth, and stimulation to the penis, and a comfortable loop that fits around the testes. A sample of Talc Free fragrance-free powder and 6 watch batteries are included.

Strap-On Penis Extension- Allows Men With ED To Make Love

The 7" Hollow Extension is one of the many attachment available that are interchangeable with the Vac-U-Lock System. It's a state of the art strap on system that features an adjustable waist up to 44", an open crotch for maximum comfort, easy access and non-slip action. All of it is designed to give you command and control of your erotic pleasure. This 7" Extension you can really get behind! It helps men with penile dysfunction making love to their partners. It fits over the penis and remains hard, going above and beyond the call of duty.

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