Lelo Mia - A Discreet, Powerful Vibrator

The Mia is Lelo's version of a lipstick vibrator. This compact hard-shelled vibrator uses cutting-edge technology to please you on the go. The Mia is four inches long and approximately one inch across. The Mia is a sleek, discreet massager that will look right at home alongside the makeup in your purse. This vibrator is glossy, attractive and easy to use. The Mia can provide you with on-the-spot vibration where and when you desire it. This innocent looking massager vibrates and pulsates very quietly.

The LELO Iris - A Lovely, Personal Vibrator

The LELO Iris is a dedicated sensual massager, ergonomically designed to suit the natural curves of the female body. It is intended as an adult plaything only and is equipped with several traits that embody the elegance and ease of use that is to be expected from a LELO pleasure object. The stem is endowed with two individually powered pleasure points and the handle features an intuitive interface dial. A LELO indicator signals charge and dial activities.

Nea Pleasure Object

Lelo's Nea Pleasure Object is a dedicated sensual massager, ergonomically designed to suit the natural curves of the female body. This pleasure object was designed especially for clitoral stimulation. The Nea is small, discreet and doesn't necessarily look like a vibrator—in fact, it could be mistaken for a high-tech mp3 player. The Nea Pleasure Object has a porcelain-like finish and is onyx in color, with delicate lavender-colored flower detail. Don't let the Nea's delicate look fool you.

The Luv Touch Bullet Vibrator Is Smooth and Lovely

The Luv Touch Bullet is 2 1/4" long, incredibly silky smooth, and has four different seductive speeds that you can control with a controller. It is also waterproof, so you can use it any time you please. Get swept away by the smooth feel and soothing vibrations of the Luv Touch Bullet. Covered in satin-soft purple skin, this powerful little massager teases and pleases with each pleasant pulsation. Run the bullet over your sensitive spots for a sensual tickle any time. Try it in the shower or spa, and turn water time into fun time!

The Gold Elegance Vibrator - Sensual

The Gold Elegance waterproof vibrator has a rich, golden-colored 6.5" body that slightly curves up at the tip. Sleek and powerful, this elegant, waterproof massager has a smooth and tapered design for a woman's pleasure. This classy vibrator's gold metallic body will make YOUR body feel like a million bucks. The waterproof, locking cap allows for fun in and out of the water!

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