Touch Away Your Troubles with the Bliss Bliss Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets presents Bliss Bliss. The Bliss Bliss kit lets you experience the relaxing, sensual feel of skin slathered in oil and gently stroked with a feather tickler. The Bliss Bliss kit includes an eyemask, feather tickler, and aphrodisiac infused massage gel. This kit allows you to use the element of surprise and the power of touch to alternately tease and soothe your lover. The slick long-lasting massage gel turns skin into a silky playground, while the feather caresses and teases. The soft eyemask enhances your lover's sense of touch as they focus on the pleasure you impart. Bijoux Indiscrets is a Barcelonean company that designs luxurious erotic products made for the art of seduction. With burlesque accoutrements, Bijoux helps you and your lover to create erotic dreams and fantasies. Bijoux uses the power of the five senses to enhance your boudoir: In each premium set, you'll find an etouffee of soft, supple textures; aphrodisiac-laced scents; smooth, sexy beats; lickable gourmet treats; and accessories that help you to create tantalizing visuals. Each Bijoux kit features finely crafted sensuous products that will make you feel heavenly and devilish?simultaneously.

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