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This Massage Kit Includes A Vibe And A Video

This massage kit includes an instructional video, a massager, and two types of massage oil. It is everything you will need to give your lover a fantastic massage experience. I personally like this kit because it includes everything that you want without anything that you don't want. The inclusion of a vibrator is a nice addition as are the two types of lotion.

The Sensual Massage Kit: Includes A Vibe, Lotions, A DVD, and A Music CD

The Sensual Massage Kit contains a Euphoria Music CD, an Essentials Massage Oil, Essentials Liquid Lubricant, a Natural Contours Petite Massager, and a Joy of Erotic Massage DVD. This DVD helps you discover the exciting techniques of erotic massage and how to arouse your senses for heightened sensual pleasure. Get ready to participate in a feast of the richest sense - touch! Erotic massage can be a beautiful expression of tenderness between two loving partners.

Relax and Play in the Bath with the L'eau A Deux Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets presents L'eau a Deux ("A Bath For Two"). This bathtime kit creates a sensual, relaxing bath and sets the mood for stimulating playtime to follow. The L'eau a Deux kit contains aphrodisiac-infused bubble bath and massage oil, an organza massager, ambiance candles and a smooth vocal jazz CD featuring several artists. Melt away stress as you immerse each other in sensual scents, sounds and textures. This kit comes in a lovely gift tin, making it the perfect present for your lover.

Emerita Joy Box - Natural Lubricants and Lotions For Her

Find bliss inside the Emerita Joy Box. Womanhood is about life well-lived, about feeling wonderful in your skin. It's about embracing your inner lover, artist, traveler, free thinker, writer, entrepreneur. Whatever your bliss might be, it's a beautiful thing. Why not enjoy life and all it has to offer? Think of these products as conversation starters. Where things go from here is entirely up to you. This kit contains a cute little collection of personal treasures for you to use and pamper yourself and your lover with.

Wet Brand Flavored Lubricant - Watermelon Blast

Wet Fun Flavors Watermelon Blast is a 4-in-1 massage oil that gently warms with motion. Blow on it and it gets warmer. To turn up the heat a bit, you can place the bottle under hot water before use. Indulge yourself and your lover with the sinfully delicious flavor of sweet watermelon. There's nothing like a hot body massage to get the juices flowing. Surprise your loved one with this little treat. They deserve it, right? Make sure you don't forget about the feet, they are the most over worked and underpaid part of the body.

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