The njoy Fun Wand - An Extremely Nice Sex toy

The njoy Fun Wand is rendered in gleaming medical-grade stainless steel. A very versatile design, providing an endless amount of sensual possibilities. Ideal alone or with a partner, the Fun Wand is great fun for combined oral and G-Spot stimulation, or flip the toy over and use the graduated bulbs to give them the anal treat you know they deserve. Lighter and sleeker than the Pure Wand, the Fun Wand offers 12 ounces of pure stainless steel, polished to a mirror shine.

The Nubby Lover Attachment - Adds Texture To Your Wand Massager

This Hitachi Magic Wand attachment has a bunch of round nubs on it to give a great massage. We think you will agree that it makes a great addition to the hitachi magic wand.

Erotic Massage The Touch of Love - A Great Book On Sensual Massage

By Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. with Louise-Andree Sauliner Softbound, 112 pages Chapters include: Invitation Introduction Preparation for Massage The Massage - Beginning The Back, Back of Legs, and Backside The Arms, Hands, and Front of Leg The The Feet and Front of Torso The Genitals (Male) The Genitals (Female) The Neck and Head The Face Conclusion Eroticizing Safer Sex Epilogue

Happy Heart Back Rubber - Feels Great After A Date

These Happy Heart Back Rubbers are the cutest back rubbers I have seen yet. Let the Hearts ease your tension and stress for you. They are easy to use and heat up. They also come with a booklet showing different places to massage and different ways you can use the shapes and angles on the Happy Heart to give the best rub in the world! The Hearts come in three swirly marble colors: pink, purple, and blue.

Touch Away Your Troubles with the Bliss Bliss Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets presents Bliss Bliss. The Bliss Bliss kit lets you experience the relaxing, sensual feel of skin slathered in oil and gently stroked with a feather tickler. The Bliss Bliss kit includes an eyemask, feather tickler, and aphrodisiac infused massage gel. This kit allows you to use the element of surprise and the power of touch to alternately tease and soothe your lover. The slick long-lasting massage gel turns skin into a silky playground, while the feather caresses and teases. The soft eyemask enhances your lover's sense of touch as they focus on the pleasure you impart.

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