A Nice Assortment of Sex Toys For Couples - The Jewelry Box

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The Rock Chick Vibrator - For Women Who Appreciate Sex Toys

The Rock Chick Kit includes one Silicone Rock-Chick Personal Massager, vibrating bullet, scented intimacy wipe, ID pleasure lubricant (1.1 oz/33 mL), Rock-Chick Cleaner (2 oz/60mL), and instructional pamphlet. The unique curved design and flexible silicone material of the massager allows the user to experience clitoral and g-spot stimulation simultaneously. From a gentle rocking of you or your partner's hand, the Rock-Chick is easy to use and promises great satisfaction.

Share Self-Pleasure With Your Lover

This Lover's Self Pleasuring Kit includes a Hot Lips Masturbator, Lady Fingers Vibrator, Erotic Stories Book, a Lover's Guide to Self Pleasuring DVD, and Essentials liquid lubricant. The DVD teaches that masturbation is a key to sexual growth and can redefine your idea of "sex." This is an exciting video of exploration, dispelling myths, defining healthy benefits and describing the hottest techniques for self-pleasuring. Learn about male masturbation devices to strongly enhance orgasm. See how men can delay orgasm using the clinically proven, Stop-Start method.

The Sensual Massage Kit: Includes A Vibe, Lotions, A DVD, and A Music CD

The Sensual Massage Kit contains a Euphoria Music CD, an Essentials Massage Oil, Essentials Liquid Lubricant, a Natural Contours Petite Massager, and a Joy of Erotic Massage DVD. This DVD helps you discover the exciting techniques of erotic massage and how to arouse your senses for heightened sensual pleasure. Get ready to participate in a feast of the richest sense - touch! Erotic massage can be a beautiful expression of tenderness between two loving partners.

The G.S.I. Kit - G-Spot Investigators Combo

Are you trying to find the g-spot? If so, this combination of items will do the trick. It includes a uniquely shaped g-spot vibrator, some ecstacy pearls, lubricant, and an inflatable love pillow to get you in the correct position. All of these items were chosen to help a woman find her g-spot because once you understand exactly where it is you will open up a new world of pleasure. 1. The Slimline G-Spot Vibrator is shaped to touch the g-spot. Also, the vibrating mechanism is located right in the bulbous tip to provide extra stimulation in that area.

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