Take Your Lover For A Journey Around the World in Bed

Even for a lover's game, Around the World in Bed is still a bit strange. It isn't overly kinky or risk oriented, but it's multifaceted approach is a bit different. This game is designed to indulge the creative spirit , bring friendly competition into the bedroom, and guide the foreplay process. In all fairness, this game is best suited to a couple that can come up with their own fun. The process isn't heavy handed as all tasks are open ended and free for interpretation. Tasks are chosen by shooting a toy gun at a hanging game board. It seems a little bit strange but it is fun in practice. I must also note that the name is misleading as the global community is only represented by the listing of ethnic names on the board. If you're the type of couple who can turn a distinction like "Greek" into part of foreplay than this is a good game for you. Included is a gameboard, tea light, toy gun, sensual silhouettes, and darts.

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