Nea Pleasure Object

Lelo's Nea Pleasure Object is a dedicated sensual massager, ergonomically designed to suit the natural curves of the female body. This pleasure object was designed especially for clitoral stimulation. The Nea is small, discreet and doesn't necessarily look like a vibrator—in fact, it could be mistaken for a high-tech mp3 player. The Nea Pleasure Object has a porcelain-like finish and is onyx in color, with delicate lavender-colored flower detail. Don't let the Nea's delicate look fool you.

KOKO Bath Truffles - Lavender

KOKO Bath's Lavender smells like a sweet, soft mixture of lavender flowers and is a pure cocoa butter bath truffle. Take an ordinary bath, and turn it into a luxurious escape from everything on the other side of your bathroom door. Relax all of your muscles and close your eyes. Let the floral perfumed steam dancing up from the hot water lightly massage your face, leaving your skin moist and refreshed. Allow your mind to release the pressure it has been grasping tightly all day long. Lay down naked in a field of lavender blossoms and soft petals and renew yourself.

Healing Blend Is A Great Massage Scent For Men

When mind and muscles are weary, try a little tenderness with a silky massage oil drenched in healing herbs. Breathe in the calming boquets of lavender, cardamon, and nutmeg, the woodsy aroma of juniper to revive the spirit; and rosemary- an ancient medicinal whose touch relieves aching muscles and whose scent sharpens thought. Of all of the Kama Sutra fragrance blends, this one is the most masculine. The woodsy scent is appealing to men. If you are looking to give your male friend a great massage this is a great oil.

Pleasure Garden Massage Oil - A Great Scent For Lovers

Pleasure Garden Massage Oil by Kama Sutra Breathe in the quintessential aromas of Pleasure Garden and desire returns. Sweeping away tension on waves of passion. Italian bergamot lifts the spirit while seductive, euphoric jasmine invites intimacy. There is the alluring essence of rose, and a breath of sandalwood, sweet, peaceful and warm as an Indian wind. Contains: Cold pressed Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Lecithin, Natural Vitamin E, Sweet Sesame Oil, and pure essential oils of Jasmine, Rose, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Neroli. 8 Fl. Oz.

Serenity Massage Oil - A Wonderful Stress Reliever

Smooth away worries with a massage oil formulated from the pure, quintessential oils of medicine herbs. As the soothing warmth of cedar and sweet marjoram penetrate tight muscles, rich neroli, redolent of summer orange groves, dissipates anxiety. A hint of serene lavender tames tension and unruly emotions, helping you to sleep well.

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