The Micro Butterfly - A Fun, Small & Powerful Butterfly Vibrator

The original vibrator of this type was called the venus butterfly. Both this item and the venus butterfly allow you to "wear" the vibrator while also enjoying intercourse. The straps on this item are worn similar to underwear. This particular item is much smaller than the original venus butterfly and is more useful for this reason. Because of its smaller size it is easier to wear during intercourse. Being less intrusive allows the micro butterfly to let you choose your favorite position.

The Virtual Bunny - Provides Sensations For Both Partners That You Can Only Imagine!

The Virtual Bunny has people talking. Not everyone knows, but the people that do are definitely talking about using a The Virtual Bunny vibrating penis ring. Sex Therapists have recommended vibrating penis rings for many years. No other type of vibrator or sex toy is so couple-intensive. No other vibrator is enjoyed jointly the way a vibrating penis ring is. Here is how The Virtual Bunny works. The stretchy ring is placed around the base of the penis.

Learn The Fine Art of Cunnilingus With This DVD

The Fine Art of Cunnilingus DVD is an instructional DVD giving you the know how to give her mind-blowing orgasms. Going down on a woman the right way is a rare art. Listen to these women tell you what really gets them off. Watch their partners show you techniques sure to please any woman. See which positions are comfortable for you and perfectly pleasurable for your partner including the G-spot stimulation during oral sex.

Becoming Orgasmic - Learn To Share Orgasms With Your Lover

How to have an orgasm - Becoming Orgasmic - A sexual and personal growth program for women and the men who love them. Here is the most enjoyable, comfortable way you and your partner can learn in the privacy of your own home. This therapist-developed, doctor-approved program guides you through the time-tested techniques thousands of women have used to achieve orgasm. This highly effective self-help program was specifically designed to empower women to overcome the barriers within themselves that prevent orgasm.

Learn New Oral Sex Techniques With This DVD

Explore the most erotic kiss of all. Oral sex is the most sensual of all love play, capable of producing sensations that far surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. Learn how to give, and receive these gifts of oral love in Better Oral Sex Techniques. Sex experts Dr. Marty Klein and Dr. Diana Wiley will help you discover all of the techniques needed to master cunnilingus or fellatio. This DVD shows you how to locate your lovers hot spots. This DVD is 60 minutes long and includes demonstrations of the best positions, pressure and timing.

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