The Fleshlight - Sex Toy For Men

Looking for a realistic sex toy made specifically for male masturbation? The Fleshlight is the world's #1 selling male sex toy, with over one million sold. The Fleshlight is the most realistic sexual penetration stimulator on the market. It looks somewhat like a regular flashlight, only much bigger. Inside the Fleshlight's plastic casing hides a life-like vaginal simulator. Speed bumps line the inside of the Fleshlight sleeve, increasing the pleasurable sensations you will feel.

OhMiBod - Powered By Your iPod

OhMiBod vibrates to the music on your iPod or MP3 player. Just plug it in and let yourself go! You can use the volume wheel to increase rhythm intensity and find the ultimate groove where music and motion come together. Explore variations with different music styles and let OhMiBod take you to new heights of listening pleasure. Works with iPod Nano, iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, an MP3 player or a CD player. * iPod not included. Includes the vibrator, 3-foot freedom cord, additional endcap for use without music, universal headphone connector, and a velvet privacy pouch.

Twin Peaks - Double Bullet Vibrators That Feel Silky To Touch

Twin Peaks Velvet Touch Dual Bullets are two very smooth and silky vibrating eggs that can take care of two jobs at once. You control the vibration intensity with the soft, pink controller. This way, you're in charge of your pleasure! Batteries NOT included.

1,000 Sex Games - A Book of Sex Games

1,000 Sex Games combines rounds of foreplay, passionate lovemaking, and sexy plot twists. You begin a game by selecting one of the Foreplay Cards, such as: Naughty Dice, Strip Spinner, Spin The Bottle, Erotic Edibles, and many more. Then you turn over a Passion Card which offers strategies to use during the Foreplay Round in order to maximize your pleasure in the Sex Round. Passion Cards add intensity to the Sex Positions and Activities on the Sex Cards you earn during the Foreplay Round. Win an Indulgence Card, and you may get to act on your favorite fantasies.

OhMiBod - Powered by your iPod

Want to experience your Mp3 collection in a completely different way? The OhMiBod Vibrator hooks up to your iPod or other portable music player. The OhMiBod vibrates and pulsates to the rhythm of your music. Use the volume wheel on your Mp3 player to increase rhythm intensity and find the ultimate groove where music and motion come together. Explore variations in music styles and let the OhMiBod give you a whole new listening experience. You can use the OhMiBod with or without an Mp3 player.

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