The O Tickle Me Kit - Tickle, Tease and Tantalize!

Tickle, tease and tantalize the one you love with O Tickle Me. Sounds pretty exciting. This romantic kit includes a satin eye-mask, deluxe feather tickler, tea lights, and playful romantic ideas and tips for two. A sweet and subtle little surprise for your lover? Or an enticing addition to an already playful love? Pamper your lover by blindfolding him, whispering sweet, sensual words in his ear. Allowing him to feel your breath on their skin, nothing more.

The Naughty Weekender Kit - Perfect For A Weekend Away

Warm your lover up with a hot body massage. Rub your hands all over his smooth body, and revel in the feeling of skin gliding over slick, oiled skin. Then taking the delicate red feathers and lightly touching and tickling the softest and most sensitive parts of his body, arouse much more than just goose bumps. Show him that you love every little part of them. The Naughty Weekender kit would turn an ordinary night into something special.

Share Smooth Sensations with the Bliss Bliss Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets presents Bliss Bliss. The Bliss Bliss kit lets you play with the sensual texture of skin, massage oil and tickling feathers. The Bliss Bliss kit includes an eyemask, feather tickler, and aphrodisiac infused massage gel. This kit allows you to use the element of surprise and the power of touch to alternately tease and soothe your lover. The slick long-lasting massage gel turns skin into a silky playground, while the feather caresses and teases. The soft eyemask enhances your lover's sense of touch as they focus on the pleasure you impart.

The Love Zone Kit - Cuffs, Blindfold, Tickle Feather

This product is called the Love Zone. The Love Zone is a very tricky thing. It is neither a geographical place nor a state of mind. It is the place deep down inside of us all that longs for blindfolds, feathers, and fuzzy handcuffs. This product hopes to shed light on your Love Zone. Included is a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, a blindfold, and a tickling feather.

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