The Synergy Pleasure System

The Synergy Better Sex Pleasure System was developed by health psychologist and sex therapist Lisa Banner. It was designed for women who have trouble achieving orgasm. This oscillating wand is both rechargeable and cordless. It's ergonomically shaped for pleasure and comfort, and has 5 different attachments, including G-spot, cups & ridges, rabbit flutter, beaded ball, and dual navigator. The Synergy System is ideal for self pleasuring and sensual play for couples. Synergy's unique oscillating action is enabled by a specially designed motor.

The Cone Vibrator - A Vibrator That Is Shaped Like A Cone

New from the UK is the cone vibrator. The cone vibrator is definitely what is hot this year. All of the women's magazines are raving about it. Unlike other vibrators, the cone leaves convention behind. Instead of being hand held, a person rests upon the cone. It's soft pink surface is very comfortable. By allowing a person to rest on the cone it becomes hands free. This makes it great for couples. The cone uses advanced electronics to control its vibrations. It even includes a button that jumps right to the orgasm mode.

Couples' Love Ring - Stimulation For Both Partners

The Couples' Love Ring is a serious addition to the bedroom for couples that are ready for the ultimate experience. The jelly rings constrict the shaft as well as the scrotum for harder erections, and that leads to more intense orgasms for him. Then at the same time, the vibrating bullet on top of the shaft has a nubby on top of it to give total clitoral stimulation. There is also another vibrating bullet below the shaft. Both bullets are easily removable and can be used independently. One of them is multi-speed and the other is a 5X vibrating bullet.

The Synergy System - Helps Women Achieve Orgasm

The Synergy Pleasure System was developed for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm. It provides a much higher-speed, lighter-touch sensation that most vibrators. This product will help most women who have difficulty achieving orgasm with a partner or conventional sex toy. They Synergy system includes oscillating wand that is both rechargeable and cordless. It's ergonomic for pleasure and comfort, and has 7 different heads, including G-spot, cups & ridges, rabbit flutter, beaded ball, and dual navigator.

The Body to Body Vibrating Ring - Enjoy One Another

Sex therapists are very quick to recommend a vibrating ring for couples. A vibrating penis ring improves the sensations for both parties while allowing you to stay together (physically and emotionally). This particular vibrating cock ring turns on automatically when both people contact it. This can be very handy. It will turn on exactly when you want it on and will turn off afterward when the vibration may be a little bit too much sensation. It prevents the "ooh ooh ooh, get off of me!" moment that can be the side effect of too much post orgasm stimulation.

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