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A Nice Assortment of Sex Toys For Couples - The Jewelry Box

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The Jack Rabbit Vibrator - Your Lover Wants One. We Promise.

We can understand why you might be hesitant to buy a rabbit vibrator for your partner as a romantic gift, but this sex toy is so popular that there is a great chance that they will be receptive to getting on.

The Cone Vibrator

Sex toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but The Cone Vibrator is the first one we have seen that you rest upon. As in, you straddle it and enjoy the ride. This soft-touch flexible cone is fabulous to touch and wonderful to use. It massages your labia, clitoris and vaginal walls simultaneously for all over pleasure. The cone is meant to be used in a variety of positions. It's unique because it's a hands-free device. Great for couples, the cone vibrator leaves your hands free for other activity. That should keep you partner interested in the fun.

Shiri Zinn - Minx - Designer Vibrator

Shiri Zinn's Minx is one of our most luxurious high-end vibrators. Whether you're a fashionista or a techie, this impeccable pretty-in-pink vibrator will satisfy your every desire. The Minx's stainless steel endcap is lined with twelve sparkling, pink Swarovski crystals—and this Minx even has a tail. The detatchable pleasure feather is made from the softest, most luxurious Marabou, and is made to tickle and tease your skin. The Minx vibrator delivers strong, quiet stimulation.

The Precious Gems Jewelry Box

Expand your bedroom plaything arsenal with the Precious Gems Jewelry Box. The Precious Gems Kit is the world's most popular kit of adult toys. This kit is perfect for beginners, or for an expert looking to expand her collection with new sensations and textures.

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