Touch Away Your Troubles with the Bliss Bliss Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets presents Bliss Bliss. The Bliss Bliss kit lets you experience the relaxing, sensual feel of skin slathered in oil and gently stroked with a feather tickler. The Bliss Bliss kit includes an eyemask, feather tickler, and aphrodisiac infused massage gel. This kit allows you to use the element of surprise and the power of touch to alternately tease and soothe your lover. The slick long-lasting massage gel turns skin into a silky playground, while the feather caresses and teases. The soft eyemask enhances your lover's sense of touch as they focus on the pleasure you impart.

Tantalize with the Bling Bling Kit

From Bijoux Indiscrets comes the Bling Bling kit. The Bling Bling kit lets you dazzle in sweet, sensual sparkle as you restrain your lover in the softest of handcuffs. The Bling Bling Kit contains Sweet Glittering Body Dust, a marabou feather tickler and marabou handcuffs. Imprison your lover with the marabou handcuffs. Dust their body with the sweet taste of Bling Bling body dust. Use the feather to tease and torture. How long can they take it? It's up to you. Bijoux Indiscrets is a Barcelonean company that designs luxurious erotic products made for the art of seduction.

Dance For Your Lover with the Striptease Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets presents Stripteuse. This luxurious kit sets the stage for seduction, allowing you to become a sensual stripper for a private audience. Bask in the power of tantalizing seduction. Stripteuse contains jeweled nipple covers, a black ostrich feather boa, a red satin garter, Bijoux play money and a CD featuring five dance songs. Play into your fantasies and captivate your lover with the Stripteuse kit. Bijoux Indiscrets is a Barcelonean company that designs luxurious erotic products made for the art of seduction.

Pose for Naughty Photos with the Look Close Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets presents the Look Close kit. This kit includes everything you need to create an unforgettable photo session with your lover. Cover yourself in unique, sensual textures and become a burlesque model in your own bedroom. This kit includes leather and satin nipple covers, a luxurious ostrich feather boa, an opulent pearl belt and ambiance candles. You supply only the camera. Live out your fantasies of being watched and coveted, as your lover experiences voyeuristic thrills. Immortalize your pleasure.

Play Out Your Fantasies with the Secret Agent Kit

Bijoux Indiscrest presents the Secret Agent kit. The goal of this erotic game is to unlock your lover's deepest fantasies. Use the weaponry provided to tease and trick your lover into surrendering to their hidden desires. When this tense dance comes to its unpredictable climax, you will feel closer than ever before. The Secret Agent kit contains a satin pouch for each agent. Each pouch is filled with an arsenal of erotic tools. The set includes a turkey feather tickler, a combination padlock, satin handcuffs, a blindfold and a disposable vibrating penis ring.

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