Play Out Your Fantasies with the Secret Agent Kit

Bijoux Indiscrest presents the Secret Agent kit. The goal of this erotic game is to unlock your lover's deepest fantasies. Use the weaponry provided to tease and trick your lover into surrendering to their hidden desires. When this tense dance comes to its unpredictable climax, you will feel closer than ever before. The Secret Agent kit contains a satin pouch for each agent. Each pouch is filled with an arsenal of erotic tools. The set includes a turkey feather tickler, a combination padlock, satin handcuffs, a blindfold and a disposable vibrating penis ring.

The Sex Up The Night Game For Lovers

The Flirt Sex Up The Night Game will turn a night into your fantasy by using role-playing cards and light bondage. This sexy all-in-one kit will allow you to choose one of four sex roles and use the included accessories to act accordingly. These fantasies allow you explore light bondage, submission, domination, and sexy actions in a fun way. Flirt is the leader in playful bedroom fun and this kit is exactly what lovers that want time alone need. This kit includes: * 4 different role playing cards that you may choose * A blindfold. * A body feather. * Glow in the dark body tattoos.

Passion - The Game That Brings You Closer Together

Passion is a board game designed for lovers that want to have fun and spice things up by learning more about what each other wants and likes. You and your lover will be entertained for hours as you challenge each other for favor cards and try to stay away from penalty cards. Each step along the way will be a sensual experience and sexual exploration. Games are a fun and healthy way to change things up a bit in your sex life. Pulling one out from under the bed every now and again can turn a night of love-making into a special romantic event.

The Sensual Surrender Kit - Give In To Your Lover's Desires

Blindfold your lover and drag the soft red satin straps over his smooth skin. Then tie him up, restraining him. Now he is victim to your will. Watch him squirm while you have your way with his body. Show him that you love every little part of him. The Sensual Surrender kit would be a sweet surprise for your lover, or a suggestive little addition to an already playful relationship. This kit contains a black satin eye-mask, satin ties, intimacy body balm, tea light candles, and steamy tips and romantic ideas. What romantic occasion are you celebrating?

The Sweet Surrender Game - Give-In To Your Lover

This game is for committed lovers that are willing to give everything to their partner. This game is daring, naughty, and adventurous. Perhaps that means that you'd find it fun. If you are willing to take the risk and indulge with an open mind you're sure to have a unique experience. Do things you haven't even dreamed of. Do things you've always dreamed of but never had the confidence to ask for. This game is quite deluxe and detailed with player's having to act as both the dominant and submissive partner. If you're kinky then there's a good chance you'll enjoy this game.

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