KOKO Bath Truffles - Raspberry

KOKO Bath's Raspberry Truffles smell like a rich, sweet melody of raspberries and cream and is a pure cocoa butter bath truffle. Take an ordinary bath, and turn it into a luxurious escape from everything on the other side of your bathroom door. Relax all of your muscles and close your eyes. Let the sweet, fruity perfumed steam dancing up from the hot water lightly massage your face, leaving your skin moist and refreshed. Allow your mind to release the pressure it has been grasping tightly all day long. Lay down naked in a field of fresh raspberry and soft leaves and renew yourself. All of the KOKO products, actually, smell delightfully wonderful. This is the first time we've had their brand here and I was very pleasantly surprised. They don't have that artificial aroma smell of the usual bath, oils or creams. It's more of a fresh scent. I recommend trying at least one of these. You will not be disappointed.

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