Turn Your Man Into A Vibrator!

Looking for an inexpensive way to rev up your sex life? Try the Vibrating Action Ring. The Vibrating Penis Ring provides more clitoral stimulation during sex. The bullet can rest above his penis for clitoral stimulation, or you can turn it around for testicle vibrations. The constriction ring will provide him with an incredibly hard erection and a stronger, more intense orgasm. Both partners get extra stimulation from the Vibrating Action Ring. This Vibrating Action Ring is made of durable and stretchy jelly material with textured nodules for extra stimulation.

Penis Extension - 7"

The Perfect Extension is a prosthetic penis designed for use with or without an erection. This realistically detailed prosthetic device has a seven inch total length with an inside depth of five inches. The Perfect Extension features a soft, skin-like outer sleeve and an outside diameter of two inches. The extension comes with a tie-on harness for sturdier penetration. The Perfect Extension should be used with a water-soluble lubricants. It's extremely comfortable for both the user and the partner. This prosthetic was made from rubber for a natural feel.

Ultra-Ultra-Private Delivery

We offer a free service where you can choose to have your package shipped with no invoice enclosed. This may be valuable if you want to send an item anonymously to your friend or even yourself. Why would you want to ship something anonymously to yourself? Say you shipped something to yourself and your mother-in-law stopped by for a visit. During her surprise visit your mother in law opened your mail. You could always claim a friend sent the package as a gag gift. It is an instant alibi.

Sex Casino - 25 Bedroom Games

The Sex Casino includes 25 wild and outrageously fun bedroom games. Turn your bedroom into an exclusive pleasure mecca with Sex Casino. This game kit comes packed with everything you and your partner need for a rip roaring good time between the sheets! Sex Casino includes playing cards with sexual favor betting chips, naughty dice, scratch & win lotto cards and a sexy spinner game. Plus, an amazing game manual with 25 bedroom games, all of which will leave you guessing whether skill or good luck makes you a winner. Find out how chance, risk and luck can be a winning combo in your bedroom.

The Fantasy Suite - A Wonderfully Elaborate Romantic Gift Set

The Fantasy Suit Gift Set makes makes a special romantic occasion absolutely extraordinary. This romantic kit will make your celebration sublime. Enclosed, you will find: Warming massage oilChocolate body paint with a silky soft applicator brushTwo champagne flutesOne champagne bucketTwo satin robesOne thousand scented, silk rose petalsThree pillar candlesFifty tealightsOne Hot Heart massager One romantic music CDA full-color romantic guide> Everything you need to create the ideal romantic experience that only dreams are made of....

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