Prolong Lube

Prolong Lube lasts so you can, too. This lubricant prolongs intimate activity while lubricating. Prolong prevents the occurrence of premature ejaculation. Prolong contains 5% Benzocaine USP, a topical anesthetic. Each bottle is 2.3 fl. oz. (65g). Do not use this product on broken skin, or if your partner is pregnant.

Power Piston - Vibrating Pump

The Power Piston penis pump is the ultimate power tool. A combination penis pump and vibrating stimulator, this versatile pink friend will keep you happy and humming. Just slip your penis into the vagina opening and use it as a masturbator. Work the hand pump to create powerful suction. Let the Power Piston help maintain an erection that'll go the distance. Twist the pressure valve to release the vacuum. Crank up the vibrator and feel the powerful and pleasurable sensations this pump delivers. Use the vibrator with or without the suction pump - it's your choice.

ManDelay - FDA Approved

Mandelay helps you to prolong sexual pleasure and prevent premature ejaculation. Mandelay helps you stay in control so you and your partner can experience longer lasting sexual enjoyment and improved sexual compatibility. Active Ingredient: Benzocaine Net Wt. 28.35g (1.0 oz)

Rejoyn Cock Rings

The Rejoyn Constriction Ring is for those who can naturally achieve an erection but have difficulty maintaining. Men that can achieve only a partial erection find constriction rings help to improve the firmness of their erection. The patented constriction ring is designed to be placed around the base of the penis, gently providing pressure to help maintain an erection. These rings help maintain the firmness and duration of an erection. The effect lasts until the ring is removed. Rejoyn is designed to facilitate sexual intimacy.


The Robo Suck. It sucks. It strokes. It vibrates at multiple speeds. If it did anything else, you'd need a license to operate it. The Robo Suck strokes, vibrates and sucks your penis simultaneously. The nubby sleeve inside the Robo Suck enhances the pleasure you feel. You control the level of vibration. You can also adjust exactly where the strokes touch your penis. The result is a volcanic orgasm that only simultaneous vibrating, stroking and sucking can deliver. The Robo Suck uses four C batteries. This male masturbator delivers a lot of power.

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